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Hello everyone!

I was requested by an anonymous member to cross-post one of my journal entries entitled "Japanophile" to this group. I would be happy to hear all comments as long as they aren't negative!! =]

My blog is here:

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I don't know if it's just me.....maybe I get bothered by little things too easily. Maybe I'm too sensitive or easily offended...I don't know, but a term/label that has really been bothering me lately are the terms "Japanophile" and "Asiaphile". For those who don't know, the terms apply to a person who isn't of asian decent but has a strong interest in asian/Japanese culture, almost to the point of obsession or fetishism. (if that's a It's very similar to the Japanese word "otaku", which describes a person who is usually into Japanese anime/manga to the point of an unhealthy obsession. (like this dude>>>

       I REALLY don't like these terms. It's just another useless, unneccesary label used to further degrade someone. Why do people think that because you have a strong interest in something that you MUST be obsessed with it?Are music artist obsessed with music? Are designers obsessed with clothes?

        I hate when peple say I'm obsessed with asians/Japan. I'm not obsessed; I'm not running out to stores trying to lighten my skin, fix my eyes and straighten my hair in an effort to look more asian. I haven't forgotten who I am. I don't collect a bunch of things that are Japanese or buy/like something just because it's Asian or Japanese. I like it because I just do, and it just so happens to be asian or Japanese. I could see if I was an adult spending all my rent money on manga and anime like the crazy dude (btw, I only really watch about 5 or 6 anime shows, and I haven't yet gotten around to reading manga) But I don't do these things. It doesn't take importance over my life. It's just a deep interest, an interest that I've had every since I was as young as 8 years old. I wouldn't feel complete without Japanese culture, but it is not my God, it's not what I worship and I'm NOT obsessed.

        The term(s) also seem to imply fetishes, like when the accused "Japanophiles" say "I like asian boys/girls." People always seem to think that, once again, because you're into a certain culture and you're attracted to that culture's men/women, that it's nothing more than a fetish. I remember a "friend" of mine once said to me "At least I don't like some random @$$ asian guy just because he's asian." I was like "WHAT IN NEW JERSEY?!?!?"  She was implying that it was a fetish type thing when it's not.....I like Asian guys because they are my first preference. It's not a fetish or a fantasy or anything else like that. It's not because I'm into Japanese and asian culture. It's a preference, NOT a fetish.

          I know when I was around this friend I had a habit of saying how cute and adorable so many of the asian guys were in class, but she just seemed to think that because I said they were cute and because I like asians that I liked them and wanted to date them...which was not the case. Why would I date anybody just because they're cute and asian? Isn't there more to a person? I might like asian guys, but I don't want to date every cute asian dude I see just because he's cute and asian. And I might like asian guys, but if I met an asian guy who was a total and complete jerk/nutcase, I'd dump him just like I'd do with anyone else. However, this "friend" seems to think that he'll get special privaleges and that I'd stay with him simply because he's asian. It's a shame that I have to even explain myself.

     Well I guess I've blabbered on and on long enough. I rarely have a rant as long and as solid as this, as you can probably tell, but it is definately something that I needed to get off my chest.

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