Estranged Californian (aufdersuche) wrote in de_ex,
Estranged Californian

"Just consider her the girl next door"

(x-posted from debunkingwhite)

Here's a decently written article from the LA Times (online?) on the othering of Asian-Americans in the US. I think it's pretty good up until the last two sentences:

Treat me like you would the girl next door. Then maybe you'll realize that I'm not so different from her.

I think this sentence works to reposition the writer as an other after having spent the rest of the article debunking stereotypes. Here, instead of saying she is the "girl next door," despite having explained her national origin (US citizen, born in Chicago), she goes back to positioning what the reader is to assume is a blonde, white female as the prototypical version and in return, describes herself as "not so different from [it]." Although the title avoids this error, it seems to have been written by someone else -- an editor, perhaps -- as the article itself is written in the 1st person and the title and tagline in the 3rd.


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