heather (blazinsoamazin) wrote in de_ex,

damali ayo on myspace

many of you know about artist damali ayo's work or may have seen it brought up in communities like this. she is now on myspace with audio tracks from the cd "what did she just say?," performance and interview videos, upcoming event notices, and more!
add her!

damali "create[s] performative and conceptual art that engages contemporary social issues through the media of visual, virtual, written, performance and audio art."

her work makes you think, she reframes reality as we know it, it's creative, it will make you laugh, and it'll make you go hmmm, like that song.

damali is the creator of rent-a-negro.com and author of the follow up book, "how to rent a negro."

ADD HER @ http://www.myspace.com/damaliayocds and pass the word on.

- heather
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